The Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise.

When it comes to treatment of all mental health and mood disorders...from depression and anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar and so on. Studies have suggested that physical exercise is so effective at alleviating symptoms in patients that it could reduce the time they are in acute facilities and cut down the reliance on certain medications. We all … Continue reading The Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise.

Mental Health Keep Fit Group

It’s All In The Mind! Hi all. Carrying on from my previous post regarding keeping fit. I’m determined to get myself a bit fitter again, and would love it if some of you would to join me. Even if no one is interested I’ll have to do it alone. I thought I would name this … Continue reading Mental Health Keep Fit Group

Exercise = Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

I think we all know the importance of exercise to improve out general well-being. But how many of us actually do it? I need to start exercising again, as I know how much of an impact this has on improving our physical and mental health. When I was a coach Many moons ago I was … Continue reading Exercise = Healthy Body = Healthy Mind