Bipolar Mentorship Program Update

***Success Story*** Hi all. I’m buzzing!. I’ve just finished mentoring the guy who was experiencing a deep depression. He now feels so much better, and no longer needs to continue the program. He completed just under four weeks of the five week program, and has come out the other side of the dark tunnel he … Continue reading Bipolar Mentorship Program Update

Bipolar/ Depression Mentorship Program Update

Join Here Following on with the guy I’ve been mentoring. It’s been just over two weeks of this 6/8 week program, and he’s made so much progress. When we first spoke he was in a very dark place. Like I’ve said previously, I’m no expert in mental health (but then again who is?), but what … Continue reading Bipolar/ Depression Mentorship Program Update

Bipolar Mentorship Group

Join Here Hi all. This might be just be another one of my many ideas I have, that never really comes to nothing, lol. I setup a bipolar Facebook group a while back, but it never really took off. I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks, but in this short time I’ve spoke … Continue reading Bipolar Mentorship Group