Bipolar Disorder Poem

Living with bipolar? Take it from me, It’s not all over! If your feeling down, put that mask on, and become that clown! There’s a flip side to this moon,  and on that side, there’s no gloom! On the flip side,  it’s full of cheer, I’ll take you there, one day my dear! We will … Continue reading Bipolar Disorder Poem

Funny comeback jokes

Hi All, I thought I would brighten up the day with a few good comeback jokes. These are great if you want to insult someone you particularly don’t like, lol. 1: I love what you’ve done to your hair. How do you get it to come out your nostrils like that? 2: The only way … Continue reading Funny comeback jokes

The amazing hypo-man

This is the story of “Harry Hypo” the mild manic superhero. He’s been gifted with an amazing superpower that was handed down to him from his parents. This superpower is in the form of a magic manic potion, that has been in his family for generations. His father has trained Harry how to use this … Continue reading The amazing hypo-man

Hypomanic moment, Celebrity Face swap lol

I forgot all about these, lol. I done these about three years ago. It was late one evening when everyone had gone to bed. I was bored, and had a bit of a “Jim Carrey” moment. lol. There’s one video that I can’t download from YouTube, but that one does have a lot of swearing … Continue reading Hypomanic moment, Celebrity Face swap lol

Bog blogging!

Hi all. Well I couldn’t think what to write about today, so I thought I would write a load of “shit!” Lol. Let’s look at this word, and see where it came from, and the definitions of “shit” SHIT! vulgar slang  1: Faeces: shit, crap, poo, poop, turd, log. 2: shit Diarrhoea. 2A: A worthless … Continue reading Bog blogging!

Funny short stories. Hector’s World Record Attempt

Hector was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, many years ago. But he’s mainly always manic, it’s very rare he has a low period. He always comes up with, what he thinks is a “brilliant idea” most people that know him, just shrug their shoulders, and think he’s just crazy. But in Hector’s world these ideas are … Continue reading Funny short stories. Hector’s World Record Attempt

Funny short stories.The crazy adventures of “Hector” the detector.

Hi all, meet “Hector” the crazy metal detectorist, that’s obviously got bipolar, amongst other issues. As you will probably guess from his picture, he’s as mad as a hatter, and he knows it. He knows what people think of him, but he don’t really give a shit! I’m going to ask you the readers, to … Continue reading Funny short stories.The crazy adventures of “Hector” the detector.

Going to the happy shopper, on my space hopper!

Yesterday my wife “May” was telling me how she would go down to the local happy shopper, on her space hopper! I nearly pissed my pants when she told me, lol. Her mum asked her to pop down the shops to buy 5lbs of potatoes 🥔. Baring in mind she was only about 6 years … Continue reading Going to the happy shopper, on my space hopper!