Hypomania, Or Just Racing Thoughts?

Hi all. I’ve not blogged for a few weeks as I’ve been a bit preoccupied. I’ve become a website builder (I know very little) and a gardener (I hate cutting grass) within a couple of weeks! Lol. WTF is wrong with me?.

As you know from my last blog, I built a couple of basic websites for my daughter and a friend. I spent days looking at relevant websites to get ideas, this was before I even asked if they both wanted a website! lol. As soon as I get a thought in my head I act on it without thinking about it first.

I blogged ages ago about how I hate cutting the grass, and how it affected my mental health. I would look at how long the grass was and it would start to depress me. Now I’ve built a Facebook page advertising a grass cutting service, and posted adverts on loads of Facebook groups, lol. I’m actually pissing myself laughing typing this as it’s quite funny when I’m advertising a service for something I normally hate doing!.

With this new venture in the form of “grass cutting” it all started when I plucked up the courage to mow my lawn (which was about 2ft long lol) and half way through my lawnmower blew up!. I bought a new one and finished the job, and I was quite proud of myself for finally biting the bullet and getting the job done. This happened about two weeks ago, and I’ve been pottering around in the garden ever since!.

I seem to go from one extreme to another. I end up hating doing the things I used to like, and liking the things I used to hate!. I know this novelty will probably wear off soon when another idea will come smashing into my head like a freight train!.

Maybe the next idea might be running for prime minister? Now there’s a thought: “Clive Webb as prime minister!” I’ll give “Boris Johnson” a run for his money!. What do you all think my fellow bloggers? Answers on a postcard please!.

I’m sure I can count on your vote? 🤣

Don’t think the hair suits me lol

Sometimes it’s good to be a bit crazy, it gets me through the day. Maybe I’ll reform the old political party “The Monster Raving Loony Party” and take over from where “Screaming Lord Sutch” left off! 🤣🤣

15 thoughts on “Hypomania, Or Just Racing Thoughts?

  1. MIssed you, Clive! This post was funny as all heck… No, that hair really doesn’t quite fit you. LOL!
    I’m like you, I had to take some time to just step away and take care of things I needed to do as well. Honestly, if my mood was better I probably would have accomplished a lot, but that wasn’t the case.
    I’m so happy you’re back!!! 🤗

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