Poem! My Two Characters Of Bipolar Disorder!

I’ve named my manic episodes White Lightning,

because he’s a crazy horse,

and can be rather frightening.

He’s a feisty beast,

and hard to be controlled,

he certainly doesn’t like to be told.

When we first met,

the ride was fast and furious,

I was holding on for dear life,

but I was intrigued and rather curious.

Where are we going?

I asked, with beer running down my chin,

to oblivion and back he replied,

through a crazy sinister grin.

The crazy horse wasn’t wrong,

to oblivion and back we went.

It was fun and full of song,

but to the people I upset,

it truly wasn’t meant.

The crazy ride has finished,

it come to an abrupt halt,

White Lightning kicked me off,

I could do him for assault.

Now the crazy ride has ended,

I’ll apologise to one and all,

especially to who I’ve offended,

I’m feeling rather small.

Now I’m back and dusting myself down,

someone else is knocking,

and wants to come around.

I said to my family I’m fine and ok, 

I’m sorry about that,

it was a white lie, touché.

But now you know Ive lied,

you’ll know I’m fighting depression,

in the form of “Mr Hyde”.

This is my depression,

Who’s jealous of White Lightning.

If he wants another round,

I’m ready and come out fighting.

My two sides of bipolar disorder,

in the form of a horse,

and evil Edward Hyde. 

Who knows which character is going to show up,

it would be good if I could decide.

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