Living In My Own Parallel Universe

Hi All. I haven’t been on here for a while as I’ve been a bit preoccupied. First of all my daughter (Kayleigh) is in the process of starting up a new business with a couple of the managers from where she works. This will be a great opportunity for her as they want to make her a shareholder in the company too. They desperately want (need) her on board as a lot of their existing customers will follow her to this new company.

With the above in mind I thought they probably haven’t setup a website for this new company yet, so I started to build a free WordPress website and just added a few menus and some relevant posts as an example. I looked at other company websites to get a few ideas, so done similar stuff to what was on their sites.

When I thought the site looked pretty good (in my eyes) I told Kayleigh what I’ve been doing. Her reply was: “they will probably want to hire a professional to build a website!”. Straight away I felt like I was dismissed with my idea, without even looking at what I done!. FFS I thought to myself, at least look at the website before you comment. It was like “oh no here we go again, he’s got another one of he’s brilliant ideas!”.

I almost had to force her to just take a look at the site lol. Once she see it she asked me how did I know about all the shipping and logistics stuff I put on the site?. I told her I spent a couple of days looking into it and getting ideas from other big company websites.

I don’t think she’s mentioned this to the others that’s setting up this new company, so I can only think she must of thought my little website is shit lol. I think it’s pretty good, but I’m probably just deluded. Am I seeing things that different to others?, yeah I must be!. Maybe I’m in my own “parallel universe!”

I’m a complete novice at setting up a website, as I only started about three month ago when I started this blog. I thought I done a fair job with it to be honest, but I must be seeing something completely different?.

Also my friend came back home after spending twenty years working in Spain. He is trying to startup a new business back here in the UK, so I’ve built him a little free WordPress Site, and he’s over the moon with it. Perhaps he’s also in my little parallel universe, and it’s just us two that can see the same thing?. I sometimes think I must be on a completely different planet to everyone else!.

If someone’s starting up a new company surely they need to keep their overheads down until they start to pickup?. I don’t know what a professional website designer would charge, but I would imagine it’s not cheap!. I would enjoy playing around building a website, it takes my mind off what’s going on around me.

To me the website has all you need to startup a new business. It’s got all the menus that can be added or removed, plus social media buttons if needed. WTF do people want, a website with all singing all dancing features that jump out at you? To me all you need is a site that tells potential customers who you are, and what you are about with a contact page?, or am I totally wrong?.

I don’t think the homepage looks that bad?
Craig’s Site.

Anyway my mate is happy with the site I’ve setup for him, I just hope Kayleigh and Craig can make a go with their new ventures 😊

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