Not Had So Much Spam Since Spamalot!

Classic Monty Python Spam Sketch

Hi all. With all the legit comments on my blog going into my spam folder, I thought I would remind everyone of the classic monty python sketch “SPAM”

We all hate unwanted spam, but when it comes to legit comments going into the “SPAM” on our blogs it gets rather annoying! It makes us look like we are ignoring the person that commented. I had four comments in one day that I never knew about until I checked the spam folder. So from now on I’ll be checking every couple of days for “SPAM” that’s without the egg and chips by the way, lol.


15 thoughts on “Not Had So Much Spam Since Spamalot!

  1. I’ve been trying to blacklist as many of the spam frequent flyers as I can so at least it’s a bit easier to spot the legit comments without having to scroll through the extremely lengthy comments.

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