Bipolar Disorder Poem

Living with bipolar?

Take it from me,

It’s not all over!

If your feeling down,

put that mask on,

and become that clown!

There’s a flip side to this moon, 

and on that side,

there’s no gloom!

On the flip side, 

it’s full of cheer,

I’ll take you there,

one day my dear!

We will travel there first class,

because my dear,

I’m no tight arse!

We will soar across the sky,

it won’t take long,

just a blink of an eye!

So jump on board,

and hold on tight,

this ride might get bumpy,

and may give you a fright!

But rest assured,

this rocket is solid,

solid as a rock!

Because you see my dear,

I built it with toilet rolls,

and a cheesy sock!

So please my dear,

when your feeling sad or down,

just think of my rocket,

and the pilot who’s a clown!

Then watch your frown,

turn upside down! 🌓😊

17 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder Poem

  1. We all have off days or even weeks Beckie, at the end of the day, we are only human. We can only put that mask on our face for so long, but it sometimes comes to a point that the mask slips off, and then we cannot control our true feelings! 😊


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