The theme of this blog is a “tongue in cheek” look at life in general. I look at it this way: “life’s too short” to be serious all the time. Although there will be mostly serious posts regarding bipolar disorder, and mental health in general, I will be throwing in some funny posts (what I think is funny lol), to hopefully lighten the mood.

I know some of my fellow bloggers that follow me will be thinking: “why has he published this “the About section” 6 weeks after he started blogging, this should have been done in the beginning?. I think most of you will know the answer to that when I say: “it’s my bipolar brain!” Everything is jumbled up and back to front lol. Like this paragraph, it’s probably supposed to be at the top of the page!.

I’ve always tried to make a joke of things since I was a child, and mentally, I think I am still that child lol. I’m pretty sure I use humour as a defence mechanism, or maybe it’s a mask?, or it could be a bit of both?. All I know is it keeps me ticking over, and lets me live a reasonable life with bipolar disorder without medication.

Any funny posts will be in the category “Bog Blog”, the name suggests it all as there will be a lot of swearing and toilet jokes, so if you are easily offended by swear words, I strongly recommend that you don’t read it!.

That’s about it for the “about” section, I suppose I’d better get thinking about some serious blogging, or maybe I won’t? who knows what’s going to popup in our heads? For now bloggers…

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