The 20 genes associated with bipolar disorder

Hi all. I recently done a post regarding the association with genes and bipolar disorder, as this most definitely runs in my family. I’ve just come across this recent study on the subject, so thought I would go into this with a bit more depth. This was quite interesting, and cements my previous post with some facts.

In one of the largest studies which involved around 50,000 people in 14 countries, researchers identified 20 new genetic associations with bipolarity. The identification of genes associated with bipolar can help with therapeutic targets for treatment.

Dramatic mood shifts effect nearly 60 million people, with 10 million in the USA. Unlike other mental health illnesses, bipolar has been recognised to affect men, women, and people of ethnic groups equally. What with genetic and environmental factors that have been found to be a major contributor to this illness, the exact cause of bipolar still remains unknown.

Researchers have conducted a genome-wide association study, which is a study that looks at genetic codes that’s associated with having mental illnesses. Some of these studies reinforced hypothesis regarding neurobiology of this illness. For example, it’s high heritability that’s been demonstrated in twin studies. This study also demonstrated new biological insights.

The research also discovered that eight of the genes that’s been associated with bipolar, also harboured schizophrenia as well. Depression, in addition to other mental health issues such as autism and anorexia, was also found to have a genetic connection. The professor of genetics and psychiatry has said..” by discovering these new genes that’s associated with bipolar disorder has demonstrated an overlap with genes found in other mental health disorders. With these new studies, we bring ourselves closer to finding the true genetics of this disorder, which in turn will hopefully improve patient outcomes”.

I think we are moving forward with all the research being done, plus with all the mental health awareness that’s being brought to the public’s attention. We still have a long way to go, but as they say..”Rome wasn’t built in a day”! They should have let me build it! 😁👍

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