Sending Our Love To Our Friends

Hi all. This post is to support our two friends when they need their friends the most. This is to Beckie of… and Toni of…

Please can you all show your support by sending your love on here, and sharing this post. Let Beckie and Toni know we are thinking about them, and we are here to offer support if they need it. Thanks guys πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

15 thoughts on “Sending Our Love To Our Friends

  1. I have been over to Beckie to check out her blog, to see what I have missed. I have left a comment over at one of her blogs posts with lots of hugs.
    The other blogger I have not followed, so don’t know this blogger, but I will go and check Toni’s blog out soon.

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  2. Oh, my goodness, Clive… I don’t know what to say, except, I thank you so very much for your support, compassion, and kindness…
    The mental health community here has and will always be of such comfort to me. Heck, I feel such a connection with all of you, and I can’t say that about my family or even my friends here in my own personal world. But, it’s people such as yourself that make getting up each and every day that much easier.
    Clive, I can’t possibly express this enough… I am so humbled by you reaching out to others to give support to not only me but Toni as well. You have really touched my heart.
    God Bless You, Clive! 😘 πŸ™πŸ’š

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