Recurring Dreams And Their Meaning.

We all have dreams, they are a part of our lives. They are sometimes pleasing, and other times they can be damn right scary. Whatever the theme and tone, they can sometimes stay with us. We usually just dismiss dreams, and forget about them. But when they keep happening, it makes us take notice, no matter how weird or wonderful they might be. Recurring dreams however are now widely accepted to be indicative of unresolved issues, and the subconscious prods we have are a sign to take note.

As we all know, dreams are our thoughts that play on our minds as we sleep. They can be wacky and bizarre, funny or completely senseless, but they are our thoughts as we sleep nevertheless.

So, what does it mean when we keep having the same dreams over and over again? I’ve looked into this since my wife kept have recurring dreams night after night. This started way back when she was 16 years old, just after her dad passed away. She was very close to her dad, and this really hit her hard.

Since her dads passing, she had the same dream where she would meet her dad for a picnic in a field full of daffodils. He would show up with a little brown dog, and they would sit chatting and eating their picnic and he would tell her he was ok. Then she would lookup and he would be walking off into the distance, and she would chase after him asking him not to leave, then he would vanish.

The only connection she can make out with this dream is the daffodils. He died around Easter, the time when daffodils are growing. But they never had a dog, so she can’t find a connection there?. This recurring dream lasted for 9 years, and suddenly stopped when our 2nd child was born in 1994! She said these dreams were so vivid, that she would wake up and thought the dream actually happened!

In 2011 along with a few other illnesses my wife was diagnosed with emphysema. She is registered disabled with this lung decease, and it’s taken it’s toll over the last 4/5 years. Within this time she’s had another recurring dream. This time I’m with her and we are in another country. She loses me and she’s crawling on her knees trying to find me.

She then realises she has lost her handbag, so tries to crawl back the way she came in the hope of finding it. Then our nephew shows up in this dream, and tells her he will help and protect her. He tells her she needs to go into an elevator as I’m on the top floor?, but she must go back to find her bag first, but ends up losing our nephew too!

Since she’s been diagnosed with her illnesses, she cannot do the normal day to day tasks that she used to be able to do with ease. This has really affected her and because of this she suffers from depression. She tells me that she don’t recognise herself anymore, whereas she would be very independent, and now she has to rely on me. She also says she feels a bit lost! In the evening we like to watch an 80s music channel on TV. She always says to me…” Clive, can you take me back to the 80s, as they were the best years of my life!” I normally joke with her and say…” I would take you back to the 80s, if I had a tardis or a delorean, lol.

So with her latest recurring dream, I can see the connections. She doesn’t recognise herself?. She has all her identity in her handbag! She feels a bit lost? She’s lost in a foreign country and can only crawl on the floor?. She can’t do the normal physical tasks that she used to be able to do!. She needs to go back to find her handbag? She wants to make her way back to the 80s where she would find her handbag, and in turn find her identity, and the bubbly fun loving independent person that she used to be!. I’m not sure why our nephew is in the dream, but everything else connects!

There’s a widely regarded view, that these recurring dreams represent an inner conflict of unresolved issues. How we deal with these issues depends entirely on the individual. Some people can interpret theses dreams, and understand the message, while others are left tormented by their dreams, and have no control to change. How many of you have recurring dreams, and if so can you interpret them?.

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