Mental Health Keep Fit Group

It’s All In The Mind!

Hi all. Carrying on from my previous post regarding keeping fit. I’m determined to get myself a bit fitter again, and would love it if some of you would to join me. Even if no one is interested I’ll have to do it alone.

I thought I would name this mental health keep fit group “Mind” Your Steps, you see what I did there? 😊 This program will start soon, so if you are interested in joining, then please comment on here. I’m going to do another “page category” for this group, so it will be easy to find for anyone that wants to join. It doesn’t matter what clothing you wear (cheap sweater and bottoms) but please make sure you have appreciate footwear.

No matter what age we are, we can all get out and do this! Once this program starts I’ll post a weekly schedule, which will cater for complete beginners. This will be very easy for everyone with a slight weekly increase as the program progresses. The aim to begin with is just getting your heart rate up, just enough to break into a sweat. At the end of each week, we can all have a chat and compare notes with each other.

I’m hoping I’ll get a few comments on here that’s interested in joining this group. This is for anyone that wants to get themselves a bit fitter, not just people with mental health issues. We could all do with a healthier lifestyle, so please let your blogging community know if you think they may be interested. It doesn’t matter if they have a mental health issue or not. Thanks all. 😊👍

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