Exercise = Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

I think we all know the importance of exercise to improve out general well-being. But how many of us actually do it? I need to start exercising again, as I know how much of an impact this has on improving our physical and mental health.

When I was a coach

Many moons ago I was a marathon runner, and in 2014 I became a qualified “UKA” athletics coach. I felt so much better in myself (physically and mentally) when I run, but what with one thing and another I gave up both running and coaching.

This has got me thinking how this would most certainly benefit all of us here. I’m not saying we need to run a marathon, or even run at all. What I’m thinking is just a steady walk to begin with. We need to learn to walk again before we could even think about running!

I’m quite confident that a few of my fellow bloggers might be interested in starting a little keep fit group, where we can all start a little exercise program, that we can do just twice a week to begin with. Once we were all that little bit fitter, we can add another day until we were doing approx 3/4 30min brisk jog/walks a week. I most certainly need to get myself a bit fitter again, and would really like some of you to start with me?

I could work out a complete beginners program, where we start at just doing a 10min slow walk, then adding a little bit extra each week. For all the people that have never exercised before, please trust me when I say you will definitely start to feel a lot better “physically and mentally”.

We all know this will benefit us, but it’s sometimes hard to motivate ourselves to start. This is where this little keep fit group comes in. We can all motivate one another. We can try to stick to our weekly schedule (which I will post on here once a week) and chat about how we’ve all done.

Can everyone let me know your thoughts on this, and if you might be interested in getting involved?. If a few of you are interested then please re-blog this post. C’mon my fellow bloggers let’s get our bodies and minds working again. What do I hear you say?

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