How the weather can affect our mood

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray” 😎☀️

The sun has got his hat on, and I’m coming out to play. It’s a lovely day today here in the UK. I think it’s true to say that the weather has a big impact on how we are feeling.

In the winter months it’s cold, wet, and miserable. I think this is the time we feel most depressed. We shut ourselves away, usually sitting around watching movies, and isolate ourselves from society. But when the sun comes out and it’s warm, we want to be outdoors to feel the sun on our face.

I know this is sometimes not always the case. I’ve had some really good days in the dead of winter, when it’s been cold and wet. I’ve also had some really shitty days when the sun has been splitting the trees. But I think most people are affected by the weather, and it determines their mood.

There’s also “seasonal affective disorder” it’s believed that sufferers from this disorder are affected by the lack of light. There have been studies that have found that these people generally feel better in the sunlight, especially in the morning.

This disorder is fairly rare, but I think the majority of us feel a drop in our mood during the winter months. Could this be something that’s psychological or does the weather truly have an impact on our mood? Think about some of the things we say: “You’ve brightened up my day” or “their relationship is very stormy”! Like the weather all our emotions seem like forces of nature.

The weather seems to provide us with a language for describing our emotions. Do grey days really bring grey moods? If mercury rises, does our blood really boil? Does sunlight really boost positive moods? For me personally I think they do.

What about the “Luna Effect”? There’s been studies that found evidence in people with mental health issues i.e. Schizophrenia, that they had an increase in violence when there was a full moon! Think about the words “lunatic” or “lunacy”, these words come from the 1800s asylums where they said that patients went crazy when there was a full moon?. These words are still used today?

How do you all feel when the sun is out? Or it’s cold and rainy? Or even when it’s a “full moon” 😈😁👍

12 thoughts on “How the weather can affect our mood

  1. I know that too many days without sunshine affect my husband’s mood, I am different. I like rainy days, because being a writer, I don’t feel “guilty” for sitting inside getting some much-needed work done if it’s too crappy to get outside. Now, if it goes on for an extended period of time, say two weeks with no sun, I would start to feel blue myself! We all need that vitamin D 🙂

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    • Liking rainy days to get your writing done, is a great way to look at it, I can see where your coming from. Yes we all need to take some supplements if we’re not getting enough of the real thing 😊👍

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  2. First, I just wanted to say… This was an enjoyable read, Clive. Excellent post!
    The weather definitely plays on my mood. Too many colds, rainy, grey days in a row, and I feel like a slug with no motivation. Then again, there are some days when it’s gorgeous out and I might seem the same way. Honestly, my depressive cycle always catches the (SAD) rollercoaster. I just keep pushing through.
    Again… Fantastic post! 😎 😍

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    • Thank you Beckie I’m glad you liked it. I thought it was an appropriate post as it’s a loverly day where I am. Yes I can relate to what your saying. I’ve had crap days when the weather has been nice, and I’ve had really good days when the weather has been crap, lol. But overall I think it does determine our moods 😊👍


  3. I love sunshine, even in cold weather. I just love the way everything looks under the sun. I can’t stand cold and rainy days because my mood echoes that. I don’t feel like doing much or leaving the house.

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