Beware Of Instagram Scammers!

Scam Alert!

Hi all. I know the world is full of scammers, and it makes my blood boil! This morning I awoke to find my 19 year old son has had his bank account emptied!

When my son checked his bank account this morning, he was shocked when discovered it was empty! He only had around £300 in the account, but that was his holiday spending money, which he’s going on in a couple of weeks!

Late last night he bought a shirt from a fraudster on instagram. He was taken to a website which he said, looked genuine. This dirty little scum bag had a few thousand followers, with a pretty convincing looking online shop. So my son decided to buy this shirt for £25.

When he checked on Instagram this scum bag has blocked my son, and deleted his account! He has contacted the bank and told them what’s happened, and they are going to look into it, which could take a couple of days.

It just so happens my sons friend works for the same bank where the money got transferred to. So his friend looked into this scammers bank details, and could see there’s been quite a few transactions where money has been payed into this account, then instantly withdrawn!

I just hope my sons bank can reimburse him, but we will just have to wait and see? I feel heart sorry for him, as he’s blaming himself for what’s happened. I said to him to try not to blame himself as it looks like quite a few other people have fallen for this scam. He works bloody hard for his money, and doesn’t earn a lot.

I don’t know why banks can’t put something in place, where any online transactions where money is being withdrawn from someone’s account, that they ask for conformation from the policy holder? I’d like to get my hands on these scum bags, and show them what happens to unscrupulous dirty little arseholes, then beat the shit out of them!

Be carful out there everyone, these scammers make themselves look genuine, with their little online selling sites, with thousands of followers!

14 thoughts on “Beware Of Instagram Scammers!

    • Your welcome Barb, I’ve not got Instagram (I’m to old for that lol) my 3 kids go on there, and have bought stuff and haven’t had a problem. Seemingly this website looked legit, and they had a few thousand followers! So it just goes to show you how carful you need to be 👍

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  1. I was scammed on Facebook once. Luckily I got my money back and got to keep the fake Tamagotchi that I ordered. Not so many people are as lucky as I was. I ended up giving my unused Tamagotchi to a child who was less fortunate. That being said, this Tamagotchi ad is still floating around on FB and Instagram. My word of advice: avoid purchasing online and shop at actual stores instead.

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    • Shopping in stores would solve the problem, but you know what a lot of the youngsters are like nowadays, they won’t go into a store if they can do it from a keyboard 😂👍

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          • It gives me peace of mind that some companies will refund us. Indeed, you were very lucky!

            Overall, I’ve been scammed by a hairdresser place whose sales rep came to campus, and gave us $100 gift cards if we paid $40 for the card (scam!), a company on FB who sold Tamagotchis shipped from China (they were knock-offs), and an MLM company whose “sponsors” who signed me up had sleazy policies and rules. For 6 months I received no commission. Never did get that commission! I spent a few thousand dollars on that company and barely broke even with sales. My dad was scammed by a fake Microsoft company who called him, and he fell for it. Anyone in modern day society is susceptible to being scammed.

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          • I’m sorry to hear all that. There’s just too many scammers out there now, and they are finding ways to look very genuine. I get daily bogus emails from scammers, claiming to be PayPal or my bank, asking me to logon from a link they’ve sent me!

            We just received a letter from my sons bank, and they are saying they won’t refund him the money he’s been scammed out of. They say it’s because he gave them permission to take the money! Yes he gave them permission to take £25 NOT £280! 😡😩

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          • Ugh, tell me about it! I get bogus emails too like fake Apple emails and banks asking me for money even though I don’t use their services. It’s so annoying. 😑

            That really sucks, and unfortunate that this happened to your son. They like to target innocent people it seems. It not your son’s fault and really upsetting that your son had to experience this. ☹️

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