Bipolar/ Depression Mentorship Program Update

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Following on with the guy I’ve been mentoring. It’s been just over two weeks of this 6/8 week program, and he’s made so much progress. When we first spoke he was in a very dark place.

Like I’ve said previously, I’m no expert in mental health (but then again who is?), but what I can offer is a listening ear, encouragement, support, and advice going on my own previous experiences.

This guy has said to me that this mentorship program has helped him tremendously. I know it’s not just been having a “one to one” that he can now see the light at the end of the dark tunnel he was in, but it has helped him a lot by having someone there to speak about the issues he’s been going through.

This weekend he’s gone away with his family for a break, which is fantastic, as a week ago he couldn’t even get out of bed! I’m not sure if he will need to see the program through to the end, but it’s there if he needs it. This just goes to prove, sometimes (not always) all people need is someone to talk to, someone that can relate to what their experiencing.

I’m so pleased that he told me I’ve helped him, it gives me satisfaction to know that I was there for someone when they needed it the most. This as actually helped me with my little battle I’ve had this weekend. I think “Mr Hyde” is getting the message that he’s not welcome here, and never will be!

If the world had a “listening ear” then it would be a better place to live. A listening ear could save lives! 😊👍

4 thoughts on “Bipolar/ Depression Mentorship Program Update

    • Yeah it is great Ashley, it really uplifted me when he told me it’s helped him. As you know I felt a bit shit yesterday, so he actually helped me without even knowing it 😁👍

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