Trying to keep Mr Hyde at bay!

Well folks, Mr Hyde (depression) payed me a visit today! It’s been a while since he “came a creeping up on me” he’s not quite in the front door yet, and I don’t intend to let him fully in! I’m fighting like fuck to keep him out, but I know him only too well, and he WON’T be getting his other foot in!

I know exactly what “triggered” him to come around without an invite. Or did I invite him? I probably did send him an invitation when I let this stupid thing get to me! I’ve just upgraded my WordPress blogger plan to premium, and I’ve been having problems with certain issues. I’ve contacted support, and told them what was happening, and they said, I need to use a PC to do it. I’ve only got an iPad Pro, so I’m stuck! Lol.

This has really pissed me off, as if I knew I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, I wouldn’t have upgraded. This might sound trivial to some people, but most will know exactly what I mean. Little things can become so big, that I feel like throwing my iPad at the wall, and saying “fuck it” what’s the point!

I’ve been here on numerous occasions, and “Hyde” will not fully get in, and I’m fighting like fuck to get his foot out of the front door! If I’m not on here for a couple of days, you know I’m probably having a few problems trying to remove his stinking size 10 boot that’s stuck on my door mat, lol.

Anyway I hope everyone is having a good weekend, I’ll have to go as I’m typing this while kicking the shit out of Mr Hyde! Speak soon my friends 👍

11 thoughts on “Trying to keep Mr Hyde at bay!

  1. Little things get to me, too. I sobbed uncontrollably when I got home one evening because I didn’t have sheets on my bed. I’ve crashed a computer because a website wasn’t working properly. My temper is bad, and then I tend to stew in those negative emotions to a point where I cannot see anything but my white hot anger. Everything sucks! Everything is against me! The universe is picking on me! I got mad the other day because I was trying to record a podcast, and the mic wasn’t working. I grunted, cursed, and slammed my fist on the bed by my desk. Somehow I refrained from throwing and breaking stuff (probably mostly because everything is so expensive). 😂😂😂

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    • We sound like two peas in a pod 😂 my iPad nearly was smashed against the wall, I don’t know how I stopped myself. it’s good to hear (not good for you) others going through the same issues! We are not alone after all 😂👍


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