Football stars campaign for mental health

Carrying on with “Mental Health Awareness Week” there’s a new campaign which is using football to “generate the biggest ever conversation regarding mental health”. The football association is in partnership with the mental health charity heads together “heads up”. With the popularity of football, this is an opportunity to harness the influence, to show the world that mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness.

This campaign is particularly aimed at men, and will be visible through all levels of men and women’s football throughout England next season. The FA president said he saw an opportunity to bring mental health into the conversation with football. He said football is one of the biggest topics men talk about in their lives.

Also Prince William has backed this campaign and said: “ Building on the fantastic attitude that led England to the World Cup semi-finals, this will highlight that mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Heads up will be launched at the community shield in August 2019, and will be at the 2020 FA cup final next may.

The chief of the FA Martin Glenn said “mental health is a major concern that men face under the age of 45. There’s approximately 12 million people that play football every year, and even more that are watching on. Heads up will use the power and popularity of football to drive awareness and change regarding mental health.

Also professional footballers Danny Rose and Peter Crouch have opened up about their experiences regarding mental health. Rose the Tottenham and England defender has revealed he’s been labelled as “crazy” by a potential new club because of his depression. Former Liverpool and England striker Peter Crouch admits he used to cry at night, because of his body image.

This has got to hammer home and help lift the stigma regarding mental health. If football idles such as Rose and Crouch can open up about their mental health issues, then I’m sure this will have a positive impact on all their fans and supporters out there.

2 thoughts on “Football stars campaign for mental health

    • Yes definitely, they are really hitting it home here in the UK. Prince William and is brother are rolling their sleeves up with setting up, or getting involved with campaigns 😊👍

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