Please do share this petition… — My Wellbeing and Learning Journey

I’ve shared this from a fellow blogger. This is close to home for me personally, as I’m a full time carer for my wife.

Last week, in this post, Petition: Pay Carers an allowance equivalent to a fulltime job at the National Living wage I mentioned of a petition that I also signed, regarding as that title of that post says. I remind my readers of this petition again, which this link below will take you directly to that petition. […]

Please do share this petition… — My Wellbeing and Learning Journey

11 thoughts on “Please do share this petition… — My Wellbeing and Learning Journey

  1. Thank you for re-share get this petition. I hope it gives more air play for the person who started this petition. It’s getting so close to the mark it needs to be at for the Government to have to discuss this in parliament. I really hope he gets there with this petition.

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      • It takes to be in this position to understand the difficulties carers can be in, regardless how we don’t mind doing it. But for carers that have to give up work to care, with little or no help, then it’s a struggle to pay bills etc..

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        • Exactly Liz, this is what I had to do. It’s hard enough when we’re caring for our loved ones, plus fighting our own demons. It’s another battle trying to make ends meat, with the little bit of help we get 👍

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          • I’m lucky I have my job still. But still not enough hours. Mum has been helping me the past few months. But I still worry, in addition to my mum.

            As mum is only on low DLA for mobility, means I don’t get Carers Allowance. A family member said I could and although I knew what the answer would be I emailed where they told me to go and I was right. Unless of course mum applies for PIP, in which if she gets the right amount, I could get Carers Allowance. But as I have blogged about, I am not putting my mum through that, just for me to get Carers Allowance after the experience I had with PIP, when my DLA was changing to PIP.
            I rather my mum have some help, then no help, when it comes to her DLA.

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          • I do get more help than you Liz, as my wife is on the enhanced rate of pip, for both mobility and living. So we do get more help than others. My wife had to take it to a tribunal to fight to get the enhanced rate. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but she did win her case, but it wasn’t a nice experience going to court to fight for what she was rightfully entitled to in the first place!

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          • No, it’s not a nice experience. My friend nearly lost his mobility car when it came to his turn applying for the PIP because of the DLA coming to the end for him. He appealed it, but before it came to that, they did a U-turn in the decision. It nevertheless was still stress he did not need.

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          • It definitely is stressful, as if we didn’t have enough stress as it is. My wife has got 3 years left on her mobility car, but I’m dreading it when the time comes to re-new it. I don’t think she could take going through all that again.

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          • No they shouldn’t, especially if their illness is never going to get better. My wife’s main illness is emphysema, she will only deteriorate with it, its incurable but they can’t see that!

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          • I totally agree that anything that does not get better, you shouldn’t have to go through it again.
            Instead, it should be left alone and those that are not on the highest rate, if they get worse, then to apply for the higher rate if they need to, like you would when you got your DLA.

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