Bipolar disorder? Know who your friends are!

This must be very common amongst our community. Why is it, when those stigmatised words “Mental Health” are mentioned some people start to feel uncomfortable?

It’s no wonder we keep things to ourselves! People keep saying “don’t bottle things up, you need to speak about how your feeling!” Yeah I make them right, but if we speak up it sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable! You can see their mannerisms, and their body language change. I went to the extreme when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I wrote and published a fucking memoir, before I told friends and certain family members that I had bipolar, lol.

It was so noticeable when I see anyone after I done that. It was if I had developed some sort of contagious decease! They weren’t quite as chatty as they normally were! What do you think I’m going to do? “Grow 10ft tall, sprout horns and fangs, then chase you down the fucking road!” I’ll only do that if you really piss me off! Lol.

That is actually a good likeness! Lol

It’s when I noticed how people reacted around me that really pissed me off. It’s like they think I’ve changed! I’ve now been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, so now I’ve got to be approached in a different way! Well let me tell you I’m the same person as I was before! The only difference is, now you know that life’s little ups and downs are somewhat different for me.

When you get the Monday morning blues… I’m in the pits of hell from Monday to Sunday, and find it hard to get out of bed! When you feel happy for a day…I’m on top of the world, and feel invincible, it feels like I’m on some sort of drug that lasts for days!

If being diagnosed with bipolar disorder is a problem for you, well I’m sorry to hear that. If you think I’m now different in some way, I’m sorry to hear that too. If you now want to disassociate yourself with me, I’m sorry to hear that three!

But what I’m mostly sorry about, is your naivety. I’m still the same person that you’ve always known. The only difference between us is, my thinking and emotions are on a very different level to yours. Good bye! I would like to say it was nice knowing you, but I won’t!

If being diagnosed with bipolar disorder isn’t a problem for you, I’m so pleased to hear that. you are a true friend. Loyalty is one of the best qualities to have, and you are a friend for life. 😊👍

4 thoughts on “Bipolar disorder? Know who your friends are!

  1. Yes, I have had this experience also. It sucks, quite frankly. My best friend for 40+ years still thinks everything that I react to is flavored with my bipolar disorder. Obviously, as you know, sometimes when someone asks for an opinion it is not always what they want to hear. Has nothing to do with bipolar disorder, just reality. It does make one angry. I, like you, am the same person I have always been before I was labeled. Give me a break, please people!

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