Bog blogging!

Hi all. Well I couldn’t think what to write about today, so I thought I would write a load of “shit!” Lol. Let’s look at this word, and see where it came from, and the definitions of “shit”

SHIT! vulgar slang 

1: Faeces: shit, crap, poo, poop, turd, log.

2: shit Diarrhoea.

2A: A worthless person.

3: Something worthless; rubbish; nonsense.this book is shit.

3.1: Unpleasant experiences or treatment.‘I went through a lot of shit last year.

4: things or stuff, especially personal belongings.he left his shit at my flat.

4.1: Events or circumstances.some crazy shit happened last night.

5 : An intoxicating drug, especially cannabis. ‘I smoked some weird shit last night’

Apart from the obvious, where does “shit” come from?

The true origin is the Old English scitte, diarrhoea, which is related to Dutch schijen, and German scheissen.

We are a little mealy-mouthed these days about the word, one of those classic Anglo-Saxon four-letter words, even though it is among the most common expletives known. When it first appeared, though, there were no negative or vulgar associations about it.


This show is as funny as shit: This test is hard as shit: That was stupid shit. They are common usages. There’s also: Get your shit together: To shoot the shit, is to have a friendly but pointless conversation: A shithole, an unpleasant place: A crock of shit, a explanation, argument, etc, that is nonsense, a bit like bullshit: Built like a brick shithouse, a curvaceous woman, or a muscular man: The shitter is slang for the toilet, eg: “This computer game stopped working, I only bought it last week, that’s £20 right down the shitter”!

To shit oneself, or to be scared shitless, can refer to fear or surprise: I’m deep in the shit, can be used if someone’s in trouble: I’ve got a speeding ticket, man that’s hard shit: A shitload of something is a large quantity, especially if it’s something not very nice.

There are so many more “shit” sayings I could go on forever, lol. Now we know a little bit more about this word, we can now use it in all its glory. Well I hope I’ve enlightened you on this “shit” bog blog. “Always look on the bright side of life” 😗😗 🎼🎼

That’s all folks!

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