Knowing the signs of mania, in bipolar disorder

Have you ever been depressed and needed plenty of sleep and then one day, you felt on top of the world? Your filled with energy and literally could get by on about four hours sleep without being tired the next day? 

Have you ever had multiple ideas flood your brain, so quickly that you cant even write them down, and then you get started immediately on the project? You want to get so much done, but suddenly, all of the of wind goes out of the bag, and the project that once felt brilliant and amazing just sits there and never gets finished? Create Facebook groups, build them up, then get bored with them, and let someone else take over? Books that are still waiting to be finished? Now I’m blogging, I hope this is not another 5 minute wonder!

Have you ever made sudden, enormously important life changing decisions without telling anyone? Like deciding to buy some jet-skis, and move to Spain, then just getting everything together and doing it?  Do you then brush away the concerns of others by saying…”what are you taking about, this is a brilliant idea, I need to change my life, because the one I’ve got at the moment is shit!”

Have you ever felt an enormous rush of anger, one that is so overwhelming, that you wanted to put your fist through a wall or through someone’s face? Were you shocked and stunned by how fast these thoughts appeared and how dangerous they are? 

These few questions will help you think that you may have bipolar, as they are directly related to mania.  If you already have depression and can say yes to even one of the questions above, you can ask questions about bipolar disorder and if the diagnosis fits with what you have experienced. 😊👍

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