A PSA – make sure people can find your blog

Hi all, I’ve shared this from another bloggers page. She kindly pointed out that I had issues with my Gravatar. No one could go to my blog from there. I’ve noticed a few bloggers that have followed me have this issue. Please check your Gravatar has the correct website address, and profile links. 😊👍

When people follow my blog, I usually try to check out their site. On a pretty regular basis, though, I can’t. I click on their Gravatar, and it takes me to a WordPress page saying the blog is no longer available.

If at any point you’ve changed the name of your site, make sure the correct link is associated with your Gravatar. In case anyone’s not sure how to get there, click on the little circle with your picture in the top right corner of your screen on the WordPress website. Scroll down to profile links, and make sure it’s the right URL.

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