82 Pound Lane

As I’ve said previously, I’m trying to write my second book “82 Pound Lane”. It’s a supernatural horror, that’s based on a true story. I’ve come to a bit of a stand still at the moment, but thought I would give you lucky lot 😂 a sneak preview from a couple of pages in the first chapter. The characters (Charlie and June) are actually my parents 😱. The front and back cover, will look something like this one, but I will probably change some of it. Feel free to give me your reviews, I can take constructive criticism 😳😂👍

Love at first sight.

It’s 1947, a couple of years after the “Blitz” .Glen miller’s song ‘In The Mood’ was playing at a ballroom in Edmonton London. This is where Charlie first met June. When she first set her eyes on him, she thought he was very dashing, he reminded her of “Clark Gable”, with his dark hair and perfectly groomed moustache. June was only 19, and Charlie was 26. When he first saw June, he thought she looked like a film star, with her gorgeous red lips, and her “Rita Hayworth” hair style.

When he finally plucked up the courage to ask her for the last dance, he was over the moon, when she excepted without hesitating. She felt safe in his strong arms, as they danced the waltz, you could say he swept her off her feet. They didn’t want the night to end, but it was getting quite late, so he asked to walk her home.

When they arrived at her house, Charlie asked her, if she would like to go out again next week. She had butterflies in her stomach, but managed to say yes, in a rather nervous tone. They stood there for a while chatting, then June’s mother appeared at the front door, and shouted…”Eunice, it’s getting late!” and gave her a stern look, while pointing at her watch. June wanted the earth to swallow her up!. She hated her real name, and was known as “June” to everyone she knew, apart from her mother of course.

June turned to Charlie, with an embarrassed look, and said that she will have to go. He said he understood, and if it was ok with her, he would pick her up at 7pm next Friday. She said that would be fine, then before she turned around to walk up the garden path, he tried to give her a kiss on the cheek.

This took her by surprise, although she wanted him to kiss her, she turned away with embarrassment, and quickly walked towards her front door. As she approached her mother, who was still standing there with her arms folded, and impatiently tapping her foot, she glanced over her shoulder, and gave him a little wave. She felt like a silly schoolgirl, with a grin on her face. But he had already turned around, and was walking down the road.

Her mother said rather angrily, what time do you call this, in which June replied.. ‘I’m 19 mum’! and it’s only 10.30pm, and please don’t call me Eunice in front of people, you know I hate my real name!. Her mum then asked her who was the gentleman that tried to ravish her? June said to her mum..’his name is Charlie, and he wasn’t trying to ravish me’! June’s mum then grunted…’you had better get to bed, as you have work in the morning’!

When Charlie got to the bottom of the road, he lit up a cigarette, and walked home, whistling ‘In The Mood’, with a spring in his step. He forgot all about his foot injury. When he was a child, he stood on some broken glass, while he was at the beach. This cut a nerve in the arch of his foot, and since then, he couldn’t put his heel down on the ground. He had to wear a shoe with a built up heel, and because of this, he was refused entry into the army. This really affected him, and he had a complex about his foot. He was a very proud man, and this had really knocked his confidence.

When he arrived home, he could hear his mother shouting at his father. His dad was henpecked by his mum, and Charlie said to himself…”there’s no way I would ever let a woman treat me like that!”. He had two older sisters, that had left home at a young age, because of his mum. He thought to himself, that it won’t be long before he would leave as well. Charlie went straight to his room, without saying a word to anyone, his mum and dad didn’t even notice him come in.

7 thoughts on “82 Pound Lane

    • I will try to finish it Toni, but it’s bloody hard when I’m thinking about what to write on here, I’m getting distracted from continuing my book, lol.

      Something very strange happened tonight, which I will blog about tomorrow. In my new book (82 Pound Lane) I speak about a lightbulb flickering.

      I just opened up the draft to “82 Pound Lane” to see where I was at, and the lightbulb above my head started to flicker. It flicked for around 2 minutes, then went out. Ok no problem I thought, the bulb has gone so I changed it.

      I have 3 light fittings in my lounge, and literally 1 minute after I changed the bulb, a second one exploded just above my sons head, showering him shards of glass! Strange goings on or what, lol 😱

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    • Do you believe in spirits? I can’t say if I do or don’t. But from what I’ve experienced through out my life, I’m leaning towards there’s something there! I speak of this in my memoir. Now shit is happening while I’m dragging up memories, and started to write this second book, which is based around a true story from my memoirs! It’s weird shit Toni! 😊👍


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