The grass is above the window seal! 😩😂

Help! The grass in the garden is 10ft tall, and I can’t be arsed with cutting it! What is it when a once simple job becomes such a challenge?. I sit and worry about it. Why can’t I just get the fucking lawnmower out and do it?.

The house work needs doing, But I can’t be arsed with that either!. I just can’t bring myself to do anything that I don’t like doing. I can see some of you nodding along as you read this, lol. I can go out all day metal detecting, or spend some time on here writing, but cannot bring myself to do the daily household chores! 😩

I can’t invite anyone around, and god forbid if someone’s got to come in to fix the toilet that’s been on the blink, 😱😂. Does this sound familiar with some of you, or is it just me, although I doubt I’m the only one!.

I wonder if there’s a magic pill out there, like a “mow the lawn pill”, or “hoover the lounge pill”. That would solve a lot of problems wouldn’t it, 😂. Then I think to myself…”why are you worrying about these trivial things?”, there’s more important things in life! Perhaps the fairy’s will do it when I’m asleep 💤, although I doubt that either, lol.

Fuck it, like I’ve said, “life’s too short” to be worrying about things like that!. I’ll carry on juggling caring for my wife, and trying not to fall out of this bipolar-coaster carriage!, have a good weekend peeps 😁👍

6 thoughts on “The grass is above the window seal! 😩😂

  1. I’m in the states so cannot help you with the yard today. LOL I am a little ADHD so I become too anxious to let housework or lawn stuff go too long. The discomfort I feel over it is not worth not fixing it. During a severe depression, I have more problems trying to keep things up-my husband will always help with that stuff. When the depression is that bad, I feel crappy and go to the psychiatrist to tweak my meds. Life is too short to feel that bad.

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