Going to the happy shopper, on my space hopper!

Yesterday my wife “May” was telling me how she would go down to the local happy shopper, on her space hopper! I nearly pissed my pants when she told me, lol.

Her mum asked her to pop down the shops to buy 5lbs of potatoes 🥔. Baring in mind she was only about 6 years old at the time, how the fuck did she manage to keep hold of 5lbs of spuds, whilst bouncing on a fucking space hopper? 😂

So now I’ve got pictures in my mind, of everyone doing their daily chores, and going about their business on a space hopper! Think of how much this would contribute to saving the planet!

So folks, leave your vehicles on the drive, buy a space hopper, and let’s get bouncing! You will be saving money, and saving the planet at the same time, brilliant! 😂😂👍

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