Tossing and turning!

Did I sleep well last night? “DID I FUCK!” 😂. It’s 3am, and I’m thinking..”shall I get up?” No I’ll try and go back to sleep. Now it’s 4am, and I can hear the birds singing. I see a weird light on the wall, and wondered where it was coming from? It’s only about the size of a tennis ball, but it seems to be flashing on and off! I rubbed my eyes, but it was still there? Then after about 3 minutes or so, it vanished, FFS! Its probably someone with a torch trying to fuck with my head! 😩😁

Now it’s 4:30am, I’ll have to get up! I wouldn’t mind, but I didn’t go to bed until 1am. Oh the joys of having things buzzing around in my head. “What’s buzzing around in your head?” I hear you ask. Well, amongst all the shit, I was thinking what to fucking write on here! 😂👍 Oh the joys of being bipolar! 😁

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