A bit about bipolar disorder

Mood swings. We all have them once in a while. Sometimes we’re happy and excited about the world around us. Other times we’re sad and the world around us seems overwhelming or dull. We can even experience these very different feelings within the space of a day. But for some people these mood swings can happen to the extreme. If your moods swing from extremely low to extremely high you may be nuts like me, lol.
Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder. It used to be called manic depression. It was called manic depression because people with bipolar go through periods of intense depression and other periods where their mood is extremely high. These ‘high’ periods are known as mania. It’s important to note that most people with bipolar also have periods where their moods are ‘normal.’
There are different types of bipolar depending on how serious your symptoms are and how long your mood swings last.

Bipolar 1 is when you experience at least one manic episode or mixed episode.

Bipolar 2 is when you have mostly episodes of depression plus occasional episodes of hypomania.

Cyclothymic disorder is when your moods change constantly and quickly from periods of hypomania to depression and you’re rarely in a ‘normal’ mood.

They haven’t diagnosed which type I have, but I’m pretty sure it’s Cyclothymic disorder. What ever one I am, I’m still nuts! 😂

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